April 13, 2017


Motorhead is not gone forever! An all new Motorhead tribute has gone to great lengths to recapture the look and sound in some would say is the best Motorhead tribute, “Headmotor”!

Headmotor was started by Sean Peronard, aka ‘Lemmy Kilfister’, in June of 2015 shortly before the world lost Motorhead frontman, Lemmy Kilmister. Sean has been playing guitar and singing since he was 8, but was born in Dublin Ireland and has lived in New Jersey for some time. He has been a singer in many bands including a Johnny Cash tribute ‘Counterfit Ca$h’, and is also a screenplay writer and actor.

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There was an urgency to put a Motorhead tribute together but Sean had to start from scratch. “I have the voice and had the idea in my mind to start the tribute band but had no one to fill in the roles of guitar and drums. It sounds easy when you listen to it, but when you play it, you realize how difficult it is to actually play Motorhead on an instrument!” The first person Sean found was Mezzy Shredder, aka ‘Bill Campbell’, on guitar! Mezzy Shredder was raised in Northwest New Jersey, and has been in bands throughout north and south Jersey. Mezzy immediately took a liking to the idea of forming the band and brushed up on his Phil Campbell guitar licks. “It wasn’t hard, I already knew half of the Motorhead songs anyway. Fast Eddie Clarke and Phil Campbell were my guitar idols growing up!”

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At first Sean and Mezzy found an abundance of interested drummers, but only one came to the audition! Sean in his thick accent laughs: “I mean, we set up the audition for something like 6 drummers, and only one shows up! So naturally he got the job.” The drumming position went to Jon Seymour, aka, ‘Mikkey Cee’! In a rather serendipitous series of events, Jon found Mezzy (with whom he had been in a previous project) on Facebook, which shortly thereafter lead to the completed lineup of Headmotor. Jon is very excited to be a part of the project whose goal is to continue the legacy of Motorhead for years and years to come!
Sean’s image is strikingly close to Lemmy’s, but his voice is also eerily similar on stage. “Lemmy’s recognizable voice is iconic in metal so being able to bring Motorhead songs to crowds is always fun and exciting for me!” says Sean, aka Lemmy Kilfister. “We are quickly proving why we are the Motorhead tribute to see. Because WE ARE HEADMOTOR, AND WE PLAY ROCK AND ROLL!!”