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Here is our kick ass line up.
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Lead Vocals and bass.
Sean Peronard is affectionately known as ‘Lemmy kilfister’ on stage when he is playing in the Motörhead tribute, “Headmotör”. Sean was born in Dublin Ireland and has been singing and playing guitar since he was 8 years old, but after being in many bands, he found that Motörhead was where his calling was. “Now that Lemmy is gone, we all miss him terribly. We are trying to keep the music alive by being the best Motörhead tribute we can be!” Among being the lead singer of ‘Headmotör, Sean is also a screenplay writer and actor and has been in several films and is also a Johnny Cash tribute singer as well.
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Lead Guitarist
Mezzy Shredder was raised in Northwest New Jersey. He has been in bands through out North and South Jersey. Growing up Mezzy was heavily influenced by Motorhead, latching onto Fast Eddie Clark and Phil Campbell riffs. These are 2 of his favorite guitar players. Lemmy’s recognizable voice is iconic in metal so being able to bring Motorhead songs to crowds is always fun and exciting for Mezzy. On his downtime, Mezzy enjoys his car collection and hanging out with groupies.
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Drums and percussion
Jon was born and raised in the Bronx, where he lived until he was ten, when he moved to New Jersey where he has lived ever since. He got his first drum set in 1996, at the age of 13. From the start, Jon has been inspired by the likes of Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Danny Carey (Tool), and the one and only Mickee Dee (King Diamond and later Motorhead). In a rather serendipitous series of events, Jon found Mezzy (with whom he had been in a previous project) on Facebook, which shortly thereafter lead to the formation of Headmotor. Jon is very excited to be a part of the project whose goal is to continue the legacy of Motorhead for years and years to come! On his free time, Jon enjoys performing magic tricks, playing chess and watching whatever movies may happen to be available on Netflix.

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